Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pie of the Month: Peanut Butter

So I've mentioned before that I much prefer cooking over baking. It's not that I don't love dessert, I would just rather spend more time on cooking a good meal, than baking. I do, however, love, love pie...pretty much any kind of pie. While making a pie for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, I got the idea to do a "pie a month" challenge, hoping to a.) try a few new pie recipes, and b.) at least make dessert once a month. Mom was making the traditional pumpkin pie, and Heather (my cousin Curt's wife) made a pecan pie. I decided to make Nathan's favorite, Peanut Butter Pie (with turns out, is Curt's fave too). It's a super easy recipe, but I thought I'd share the recipe anyway.

Peanut Butter Pie

1 baked pie crust
3/4 c. powdered sugar
4 T. peanut butter
1 small instant vanilla pudding (mix according to pkg)
Cool Whip whipped topping
Reese's Cup (for garnish)

Blend sugar and peanut butter with mixer until the size of small peas. Place in bottom of baked/cooled crust. Mix pudding according to pkg, and spread on top of peanut butter mixture. Chill for about 1/2 hr. then w/ spread whipped topping and garnish with Reese's Cup. Keep refrigerated.

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Shanna Watson said...

Def going to try this...sounds like something my daughter Lola will LOVE!! She has quite the sweet tooth :)

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