Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We Want To Know Wednesdays: sick day

1. If you are sick in bed how do you entertain yourself? TV, books, sleep? I am very, rarely sick in bed, but if I'm that sick, I'd probably want sleep....and maybe a little tv time.
sick day essentials.
2. Do you share your medical drama with the world or keep it to yourself?
Unfortunately, because I'm rarely sick, I'm a bit of a complainer when I am....sorry!
3. Do you pray, send healing thoughts & hugs or good vibes to friends when they are ill or sad?
Thinking of You
4. If someone offers to bring in dinner to you or your family, do you let them?
Mom has done this for us numerous times over the years!!! I still remember the meal she brought us when I came home from the hospital with Logan...and that was almost 24 years ago!!!
THANKS MOM-you are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!
taking dinner to a friend
5. If you could ask for any meal or treat when you were sick/sad/healing, what would it be?
If someone else is cooking it or bringing it to me, ANYTHING they bring is really, really, really appreciated!!!
Thank you thank you thank you


A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

I am the same with a lot of your answers...except my mom never brought me a meal! YOu must have a special mom, that's so sweet.

Crazymamaof6 said...

Great answers. so glad you rarely get sick.

love dinners from my mom. they are they best.

thanks for linking up.

Jennifer Cluff said...

what a great mom!! i'm the same and don't get sick much - or at least not enough where i'm actually in bed... nothing like sleep and a little TV to make it all better!
great answers

The Lovely One said...

Ah, what a sweet mama you have! I don't think my mom has ever brought me anything... and I would be very suspicious if she did!

VandyJ said...

My mom helps in other ways--her cooking is a bit suspect these days. She cooks but it strange combinations and we aren't fans.

sarita edgerton said...

I agree with the getting sick thing. I am rarely so when I was down on bed rest for 118 days, it was an eye opener! Linked up with Mamarazzi today!

Jo said...

My mom came and stayed with us when Cat was born ... that sure helped a lot. But I'm also lucky that it's not often that I'm sick with anything other than a bad cold.

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