Thursday, August 23, 2012

Destination Disney: Disney in Gold

 Destination Disney: GOLD

 I follow several Disney boards and I love finding out those little "inside" tips that add to the fun of exploring WDW, so I was anxious to find and ride Cinderella's horse during our last visit to the Magic Kingdom after reading that it was the horse with the gold ribbon on it's tail.

Cinderella's Horse

"There are conflicting stories regarding whether one of the horses on the carousel is "Cinderella's Horse". The horse in question is in the second rank of horses, and is the only one that has a golden bow on its tail.
Cast Members refer to this horse as one that belongs to Cinderella and it has been referred to as such in various Disney publications. Cinderella has been depicted as riding a horse in various pieces of collectible sculpture and artwork, such as a 2001 Limited Edition lithograph."


Heidi said...

What a perfect gold picture for this week! I love it!

Grisel Rey said...

Nice picture & great info! I've taken my daughter twice and twice we've gone on the carousel but never knew anything about Cinderella's horse! Thanks for sharing :)

Karen said...

Cool, so glad you were able to find it and ride it.

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