Thursday, June 29, 2017

slow down you've hit the speed limit!


crew change day & a visit with this little cutie to start off the birthday celebrating!

Peter pretty much always asks for Lemon Meringue Pie (his Nanny's recipe) but this year, I tweaked it a little using Pioneer Woman's recipe! He couldn't tell the difference! Recipe {HERE}

Peter got lots of cards and online birthday wishes, gift cards and $$. I ordered him Jay Fleming's "Working the Water" book that he's been wanting for awhile.
Working the Water - second printing .jpg

-had breakfast at the Chesapeake House

-did some grillin' for dinner

- Dad, Mom, & Kayla stopped by for a visit

- we had planned to go for a boat ride, but it was a bit too breezy.

What a great day!! So glad he got home for his birthday.....and the 4th of July next week!!!! :O)

Happy Birthday!!!! xoxoxoxo

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