Friday, June 16, 2017

photo dump friday: catching up!


Disney On Ice :O)
chilly spring days.....
thank-you!!! <3
cousin time!! :O)
and who doesn't love a Peppa bathroom??? :O)
lunch? sleep? sleep wins this time!! :O)
that face!!!!!!!!! <3
her little Peppa sofa <3
fresh out the tub!
<3 <3 <3
big girl!
more exploring....
look who I found <3

Peppa & George

a big girl in her first shoes!
Kamry is happy & smiling 99% of the time....but, hey, nobody's perfect! 

teeth brushing :O)

park day with Clay...

that purse!! <3

she loves her bike....

.....and trucks! :O)
red, white, & blue!
looking for Allie :O) :O)

mama gave her a little sweet treat...kit kat bar --yummm!

hello darling!
that purse sweet!

silly girl!

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