Friday, May 13, 2016

Kamry {Day 21}

Kamry is 3 weeks old!!!

As of tonight, Kamry is 3 -1/2 lbs (oh my goodness) and as of this past Tuesday, no more oxygen!!! :0) More big news, the doctor has put her on a waiting list for transfer to PRMC in the upcoming weeks. :0) They started dressing her (she is so cute in those preemie outfits!), and her belly button thingie came off. She is up to 29 cc of milk (all mommy's milk).

On Wednesday, Kamry's first picture was posted!

And here she is.........<3 <3 <3 .....our beautiful, precious Kamry Lynn!

(Picture taken at 12 days old)

Logan and Lindsey got a spot at Children's Center and moved in on Wednesday. They love being closer and able to walk over for their visits with Kamry. They can't say enough about how they have been taken care of, both at the Ronald McDonald House and now at Children's Center. Dinner is brought in every night for those staying at CC, donated by local restaurants and organizations. This is certainly all new to them and they have had a little adjustment, but appreciate everything so much. We all definitely have a new perspective on life with a preemie, NICU nurses, Johns Hopkins, Ronald McDonald House, Children's Center, and all the wonderful, helpful people during this emotional time. Yesterday, JH hosted NASCAR driver Carl Edwards, who pledged to donate $100,000 to JH which he will raise to a million dollars if he wins on Sunday. WOW!

I could hardly wait to make a copy to fill my frame.....the first of many sweet Kamry pictures!

Hopefully, Kamry will continue to progress and grow as quickly as she has during her first three weeks and soon be able to come home!! We can hardly wait!! :O)

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Shellbell said...

Wow...great news! We hope to get to see her next week, but would be even happier if she is much closer to home at PMRC! I'll make sure mom checks with you.

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