Friday, May 27, 2016

5 on friday: this & that

(one) and the winner is.....
Two seasons ago, I picked Tyler & Laura from the beginning and they won Amazing Race! And then last season, I picked Kelsey & Joey, and they won!:O) Well guess what....I picked the winners again! :O) Three seasons in a row!!
Back in February:
"amazing race (season 28)

After week #2, my thoughts....

Don't really have a favorite team yet, although I like:

:O) Dana & Matt (even though they bickered quite a bit)"

They kept being a favorite all through the race, and they were the winners!!!! :O) :O)

Engaged YouTubers and dancers/choreographers
Dana Borriello and Matt Steffanina

 [New Yorker Dana, 29, is engaged to Matt, 30, from Virginia. Both are professional dancers and choreographers, and Matt is also a YouTuber. When asked what she hopes to accomplish after “The Amazing Race,” she said, “I hope that Matt and I can learn to work together better and really prove what an incredible team we can be together. I also have a major issue letting go of control, so I hope that being out of my comfort zone while racing will help me to get over that and be more comfortable to not be in control of every situation.” Their relationship also seems to be in Matt’s mind, as he replied, “Learning to communicate better under pressure with my partner.”]

(two) new ride!!

yep.....Peter traded in the Trailblazer and bought this awesome truck!!!
He literally made this transaction in the time it took me to pick up a few groceries at Food Lion! We are sooooooooooooo different when it comes to decision making!! :O) :O) I do love the truck though, a really nice upgrade! :O)

(3) let's get organized!

Not doing a whole lot of extras around the house these days, but did finally organize Peter's dresser. He loves being able to see all the clothes instead of everything crammed in and just grabbing whatever was on top. #konmarimethod
(Still want to get Marie Kondo's books: Spark Joy and Life-Changing Magic)

(four) in our backyard......
Our patio area looks horrible! Between the wet weather, being gone so much, and starting work, I haven't done a thing to our backyard....and it's almost JUNE! Hopefully, once the weather clears again, I can get busy sprucing things up!!

Flashback to 2013.....I want my pretty patio back!!!

(five) my calendar


5 days - 6/01  crew change (Peter back to work)
12 days - 6/08  crew change (Nathan home)
13 days - 6/09 TCS Graduation
16 days - 6/12  MIL/BIL birthday
19 days - 6/15  Dad's birthday & crew change (Peter home)
21 days - 6/17 our 33rd anniversary <3
23 days - 6/19  Father's Day!
24 days - 6/20 Nathan turns 21! & Mom and Dad anniversary
26 days - 6/22 Kamry 2 months old & crew change (Nathan back to work)
33 days - 6/29 Peter's birthday & back to work :O(


38 days - 7/04 Happy 4th of July!
47 days - 7/13 crew change (Peter home)
51 days - 7/17 - Lindsey's birthday
56 days - 7/22 Kamry 3 months old
61 days - 7/27 crew change (Peter back to work)


81 days - 8/11-13 Homecoming


99 days - 9/03 Logan's birthday
101 days - 9/05 Labor Day


127 days - 10/01 Last night B&B :O) :O) :O)

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