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The Happiness Project: June 2015 (part 5 + half-way recap)

The Happiness Project

June 2015
Make Time For Friends

Part 5: Make Three New Friends
I was not interested at all in doing this part of the project. I think making friends should come naturally. I also feel like I need to spend more time on the friendships I already have (after all, I've resorted to emailing my best friend a few times a week, instead of making time to get together!!!! I know...crazy!!) Also, I come in contact with tons of people during the summer at the b&b (a few of which I become friends with.) Just randomly trying to make new friends doesn't seem like something I want to try....since I really need more time for the friends I already have!
A few really good quotes to be inspired.
So tired of making time for people who could careless about me...  I will no longer let people take advantage of my kindness
Custom canvas art - A good friend is a blessing from God. Bible verse, inspirational quotes, birds, pink - by ShellysAcrylics on Etsy
So, I'm halfway through "The Happiness Project", and the question is "Am I happier?" "Am I applying the steps to become happier?"
While there are several things on the list I probably won't do, there are many things that I was already doing or have started doing since doing this project.
Go to sleep earlier:
I'm still struggling with this, but find it to be true, that when I do get enough rest, I am in a much better mood the next morning!
Excercise better:
I excercise less in the summer, due to being super busy and it being too hot. By excercise, I mean take a walk or ride my bike. I do try to ride my bike a few times a week for running errands.
Toss, restore, organize:
this I am doing all the time, and yes, less "stuff" does make me happy!
Tackle a nagging task:
I try to this often too, and it does make me feel better to take care of things instead of procrastinating as I often do!
Act more energetic:
My energy level has definitely changed over the years. It wasn't long ago that I was a night owl whom you could find busying around in the kitchen at midnight. Today, I hit the couch after dinner & dishes, watching Gilmore Girls reruns and cat-napping! LOL
 Wake Up With Determination. Go To Bed With Satisfaction.

Quit nagging:
this works!!
Don't expect praise or recognition:
I get this, but a pat on the back or word of encouragement is always nice!
Fight right:
No dumping:
it's always good to be able to share things with those you love, but "dumping" your problems, worries, etc. is not good.
Give proofs of love:
this not only makes them happy, but you too!
I used to do this to Morgan all the time when we were little :) I loved him so much I would squeeze him a hard as I possibly could!
Launch a blog:
I really enjoy blogging. I absolutely love it. People often ask though how I find time.
My answer: you find time for the things you love! :O)
Enjoy the fun in failure:
This is hard for me. I like to do well in the tasks I take on and while I get that we need help at times, I like being able to accomplish things on my own and I take pride in that.
Ask for help:
I try to do most things on my own, but there are times when we get swamped and need help. Mom has helped me out so many times over the years and since our "empty-nest" years, Peter has stepped in more when he sees I have too much on my plate.
Work smart:
Be efficient, have a plan, work hard, and do your job well. Don't take on other people's workload or responsibilities. Get to work on time and put your time in. Make going to work something that makes you happy instead of frustrated.
Enjoy now:
I am trying very hard to do this. I want to enjoy the little every day things and stop looking at the big picture of what ifs.
reminders. this week's DIY project... post reminders that you need to hear. these are mine.

Sing in the morning:
Waking up with a good attitude definitely makes the morning more pleasant...
for everyone!
Good Morning Quotes|| how come when I read this in my head it came out as "Goooooood morning Robertson family!" ?
Acknowledge the reality of people's feelings:
Listen. :O) Really listen to what others are saying and how they are acting. Sometimes we are so wrapped up in our own agenda that we don't acknowledge or react to what others have going on.
Be a treasure house of happy memories.
This is something I take very seriously. I love taking pictures, writing about the family on my blog, keeping up traditions and creating new ones, doing special things for my family, and holding on to keepsakes. This makes me happy!
Take time for projects:
For years, Peter and the boys were "uninterested" in trying new things. A few summer's ago, I started a Summer Bucket List, and somehow, that changed things at our house. Just doing these simple fun things together became special and pushed us a little to do things together. Peter has come a long way, and now actually initiates doing more together. Hopefully, this will pass on to the boys and their families. Take time to do fun things together!

Find more fun:
Having fun=happy

Take time to be silly:
Be crazy. Be stupid. Be silly. Be weird. Be whatever. Because life is too short to be anything but happy! ~Amen
Go off the path:
This makes both of us happy! We love going to odd places and seeing different and new things. Definitely boosts happiness!
Start a collection:
I am sticking with my cutting back on clutter, so no major collections going on. We have starting collecting sea glass and shells during our beach walks. Hopefully, we'll turn our collection into a keepsake of some sort at the end of the summer (which will be a reminder of fun, happy times).

Remember birthdays:
Birthdays are a great time to show someone how much you care!
Be generous:
Yes! IF:GATHERING did just this, assembled women, empowered them to shine by using their gifts and bringing all the glory to HiM!
Show up:
This definitely makes you and the other person happy....just being there!
Don't gossip:
Gossip hurts, so why do we get caught up in it. I need to try harder about not repeating things I hear when I don't know if it's even true. While I'm not spreading gossip around town, I do say things to Peter and the children, or to my family or close friends, that I shouldn't. Most of the time gossip is just that, so why do we even let it take up any of our time?
Make 3 new friends:
For now, I need to focus my time and energy on my exsisting friends! :O)

I really like this book. I thought I was a super-happy person, but am realizing that being happy involves other people and things in your life- not just me and what kind of day I'm having.

Now on to the second half of this Happiness Project.....

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