Wednesday, January 14, 2015

winter wardrobe essentials

Today, I am officially cleaning out my closet and scaling down! I've read all the tips on wardrobe essentials for each season and how to have a minimalist closet, so I'm putting these tips into practice and doing some major purging! I may have to buy a few pieces (that are honestly much needed), but I know I'll get rid of bunch of stuff, (that honestly again), needed to go a long time ago!
Since I'm a SAHM and not dressing for work every day, my wardrobe will be mostly casual, with a few nice dressier pieces for church, etc.
Here are a few idea boards which I'll pull my key items from.
Simon Style SetterĀ® | A Fashion, Shopping & Style Blog By Simon MallsĀ®
jillgg's good life (for less) | a style blog: the mom wardrobe essentials! (winter edition)
Fall style. I could use some casual jackets that aren't peacoats or big/bulky

Basics of a Classic Wardrobe Wardrobe Essentials Fashion basics Capsule wardrobe One suitcase Preppy classic autumn winter style
The Vault Files: Fashion File: Fall Wardrobe - 28 essentials for Fall
"Autumn/Winter capsule" by lillyicity on Polyvore
jillgg's good life (for less) | a style blog: 10 winter essentials!
{1} outer wear
- a casual winter coat
- a wool coat
- a denim jacket
- a rain jacket
- vest (s)
Vests {Found on ClassyCathleen}
{two} dressy bottoms
- black dress pants
- brown dress pants
- black skirt
{three} tops
- a plaid shirt
- basic layering tees (long & short sleeve)
- a white shirt
Great look
- a striped top
Statement necklace and trench
{four} for your feet
- rain boots
pink polka dot rain boots
- black shoes
Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flats. Black/Gold. Size 8.
- boots
brown leather boots with buckles for fall
- leopard flats
stripes, denim and leopard
{five} casual/lounge stuff
pink shoes/hoodie
- running shoes
- athletic pants
- hoodie
- tees
Virginia Home T Shirt | The Home. T | Bourbon & Boots
{six} scarves
lots of scarves!!
Animal Print Scarf

gray boots, chevron scarf, long white sweater, denim

Simple Outfit: dark jeans, white button down, colorful accent scarf, black flats, bright solid color bag.

{seven} sweaters
- several cardigans
- at least one pullover
Cute! What's cool is that I have a bright pink cardigan and a shirt that has black and white stripes... I'll have to try it :)

jeans, brown boots, mustard cardi, leopard print scarf. I love it how the jeans bring out the scarf and the scarf brings in the boots. This is just a well thought out outfit! #Maria Outfit

{eight} jeans
several pairs of jeans

{nine} accessories
- a skinny leopard print belt
The Vault Files: My life file: Some bits & pieces - tartan and animal print - why not?
- jewelry
- purses

{ten} a few trendy pieces
The sweater is different but cute love it with brown boots
I'm very excited to give my closet a make-over and freshen up my wardrobe!!
Not to mention- get rid of a little clutter while I'm at it!

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beagleAnnie said...

Hi Susan,
I've just thrown away lots of stuff and I feel very goood!

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