Tuesday, January 27, 2015

single digits!

I can't believe that we leave for Florida NEXT WEEK!!! I don't think I've ever been this excited to go to Disney...( but I think I say this every year)! I think we are going just in time too, as it looks like more winter weather is about to settle in. I love going this time of year, it seems we escape most of the snow /ice anyway. And the countdown always flies by....I get so busy preparing for the holidays, that February is here before I know it. :O)

With just 9 days until we start our long road trip, I have lots to do!

-travel folder/notebook

This is pretty much ready. I can do online check-in tomorrow. I made our mousekeeping envelopes, but need to put $$ in a few of them. Reservation numbers and times are confirmed. Fast Passes have been chosen. Magic bands and travel packet is already in my bag.

- packing

I have started to gather a few things that will get packed. Mom helped me clean the attic last week, so all summer items were found! I will start putting outfits together and pull aside everything I can. I'll get the suitcases out this weekend and start packing. Last year, I waited until the last minute (our house was in so much mess from the re-do), I promised myself I would never do that again, as I forgot a few things or felt like I had forgotten something the whole drive down! I used to be so organized, but with age, comes forgetfulness!

- get the house organized, finish projects, clean

I rarely leave for vacation without making sure we'll come back to a clean house!
This week, I'll get things organized, finish painting those kitchen chairs (finally??), and clean the house. I also have a hair appointment this week and a mani/pedi next Tuesday. I skipped the tanning bed this year, and know I'll probably be sorry when I get to sunny Florida and I pull out the capris & short sleeves! (and to think, I seriously considered going to the pool this year!). Probably won't pull the tags off my new bathing suit again this year either....(I bought it 4 years ago!!) :O)

- menu planning

I usually get creative with my meal planning right before we go on vacation. I try not to buy much and just eat out the freezer and whatever is in the pantry/fridge. This year is no different, I've come up with something for every day until we leave next Thursday.

Special Celebrations

Last year, we did our very first "special celebration" trip. We postponed our 2013 trip the year we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary, so last year, when making reservations, we decided to add a celebration to our stay and got anniversary pins. We absolutely loved it! Even Peter, who doesn't care for all the fuss, humored me and went along with everything. It was a very special trip!
Celebrate Your Anniversary at Disney World
The only other celebration I've done, is when we took Nathan and his classmates on a Senior Trip in Dec. 2012. I didn't get any pins, but others in our group got 1st Visit pins and the Seniors got Special Celebration pins.

Long story short, I am thinking about celebrating my birthday while in Disney. I will turn 50 on March 20th.
I wore a Happy Birthday button, as did my husband, for our visit to Disney World. It was amazing how may "Happy Birthday" wishes we received from park employees and complete strangers! Loved it!!!
I know it will be a little over a month away, but I think 50 is a big year and I think it's worth celebrating...don't you??

I haven't added it to our reservation yet, but thought about calling today. Peter thinks it's a great idea (especially since I'd be the only one wearing a pin this time)!

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