Wednesday, January 21, 2015 we come!

You know the trip is getting close when the magic bands arrive!!!!

We used the bands for the first time last year and really liked them. You use these for your room key, park admission, for Fast Passes, and to pay for meals. And no pulling out your wallet or fumbling through your purse to find your key card every time.

I always love when Disney mail arrives - it means your trip is just around the corner!
In just 2 weeks, we'll be packed up and ready to go in the morning!

I've been planning what we'll pack (in my mind), finalizing the trip planning, making last minute reservations, but still need to make Mousekeeping envelopes. I have also been filling our travel $$ envelopes.
I have an envelope labeled for every day of the trip and put money in all of them (including travel days). This covers money for food, etc. while traveling and money for souvenirs/tips/ OOP stuff while there. The only thing we charge is gas and hotels going and coming.

I am so excited about this trip! We had such a good time last year and I've  found lots of fun things for us to do this time and we have so many new restaurants to try....I can't wait to go back!!!!

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