Wednesday, January 28, 2015

snacking in disney...

One more Disney food post (because it's important). :O)

Along with the Dining Plan, you also get a snack credit per person x the number of days you are staying at the resort. Ours will be six each, as we are booked for six nights. Snack credits can be used one at a time or all at once. We usually do one per day (as we are already eating a TON of food). I have favorite snacks in a couple of the parks that I must get. Also, I try to make good use of my snack credit. I would not use a credit on say, a soda, which cost about $2.50,  when I could get a milk shake or smoothie that costs over $4.00. Here are some of my favorite snack choices in Disney....

my absolute favorite place to use snack credits:

the caramel shop in Germany (Epcot)
everything looks soooo good!
(and it smells amazing too)

they make the candy right there....
this caramel is d-e-l-i-s-h!

Another great choice, Kaki-Gori (shaved ice) in Japan (especially on a hot day!).

Then there are special holiday snacks....

a sugar cookie from the Grand Floridian at Christmastime....
or a Valentine's Day red velvet cupcake!!

Frozen Lemonade is good anytime...
I finally had a Carrot Cake cookie from the Writer's Shop (DHS) on one of my solo mornings!
The boys used most of their snack credits on milk shakes when we were there in 2010.
If you want to go the healthy route
you can always choose fresh fruit. I do this for breakfast a few times each trip.
A (ginormous) cinnamon bun for breakfast works too!
(with an iced mocha frappe'..also one credit)
I think this snack is the most popular...
Check out the "Best Food I Ever Ate in Disney" -- don't miss these!
I am not sure if I've ever eaten one in Disney....I must take care of that!
Peter's favorite snack (hands down) is a DOLE WHIP!!!!!

You can get these at Aloha Isle in Magic Kingdom.
Nathan chose the rootbeer float there on our last family trip (2012).

These are just a few of my favorite snack choices. I almost always have a few credits left over on check-out day....but don't worry, you can finish them off with Mickey Rice Krispy Treats to bring home from the resort food court or gift shop.

Favorite Food Friday: Mickey Crisped Rice Treat

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