Wednesday, January 21, 2015

de-cluttering the attic

Mom volunteered her help in de-cluttering my attic. It was a mess! Over the past two days we have managed to throw away 5 bags of trash, and gather up at 8 trash bags + 6 tote bins for Good Will. I also found a bag of my winter clothes that were M-I-A! Mom took a small bag of stuff for my sister and I have another bag full for a friend. There are at least 3-4 boxes of stuff to sell on Ebay, and 3 boxes of stuff that Logan left behind (I scaled it down from the 7 or 8 boxes!!). I'll get these to him next time we go by there. There was also a large trash bag full of cancelled checks dating back to 1993! Mom had a great idea for getting rid of them...


As soon as I mentioned it to Peter, he was on it!

I didn't even remember those checks being up there. I thought they were long gone. I have all of my receipts/paperwork in one spot now - the filing cabinet bench in our bedroom. I love knowing I can put my hands on any receipt we need and having this designated place to store them. I do need to go through it and see what I can get rid of (but that will be a future project).

this picture was before filing everything

Pretty + Funtional

It amazes me how much I save and how quickly it accumulates. There is still too much stuff that I'm hanging on too, but we plan to go back in the attic and sort through everything even better. I read somewhere when I was cleaning out my closet, that after you finish, to go over it again. Amazingly, you'll get rid of even more the second time around.

Why do I keep so much stuff???? I hate not being able to find things and de-cluttering just makes me feel so much better!

I have saved so much from the boys, papers, drawings, etc. I have scaled back (to one huge tote bin). I want to bring this bin out of the attic and select only the very special things and limit what I keep to one (big) binder. Instead of keeping this bin in the attic, I could keep this special binder with my other binders, where I can actually pull it out and look though it. This will be hard, but what good is this stuff doing me in the attic. I want to do this with toys and other stuff too. I have just saved so much. Time to "Let I Go"!!!

A big Thank-You again Mom for your help!! I would not have done it without your help.

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