Saturday, June 28, 2014

weekend catch-up

- more back ribs

I tried a new rub by A1. Here's what we did: Rub the ribs and wrap in foil. Bake @250 degrees for 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Peter put the grill on low heat {with smoker chips} and brushed rack with olive oil. He let the ribs cook 15-20 minutes {turning a few times}, then brushed with bbq sauce and grilled for 15-20 minutes longer. YUM!!!
 We had grilled asparagus, fresh tomatoes, and this flavored rice {which was pretty good}.

- It's Peter's birthday tomorrow! I made his favorite lemon meringue pie today. He opened his gifts last weekend while Nathan was home. The boys and Lindsey gave him a Sirius radio for the SUV for Father's Day/ birthday. He loves it and was super surprised!! Logan and Lindsey also gave him an Outback gift card and Nathan got him a Chase Elliott hat. He really, really loved my gift.....which I'll post about soon :0) :0) He was completely surprised!

- Things have picked up at the b&b and we've been pretty busy this week. I can't believe 2 months of the season have already come and gone, and we'll celebrate the 4th of July this week. As of today, I have 99 days of work left!!

- summer countdown update

6 days- July 4- *cookout/beach/fireworks*
13 days- July 11/12/13 *summer getaway
16 days- July 14-18 - VBS week
19 days- July 17- Lindsey's birthday

47 days- August 14/15/16 - Homecoming
63 days- Labor Day weekend

67 days- September 3- Logan's birthday
68 days- September 4- Football begins!!
71 days- September 7- Bears first game of season

99 days- October 5- last night for b&b season and......going to football game in Charlotte, NC (Bears vs. Panthers)!!!!!

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