Thursday, June 12, 2014

5 on friday: countdowns

Linking up for 5 on Friday: here's what's on our calendar for the next 5 months

{one} JUNE
June is a BIG month for our family!

Today- June 12- MIL & BIL birthday
2 days- June 14-Logan and Lindsey coming for  b+e  wedding
3 days -June 15- Father's Day & Dad's birthday
5 days- June 17- our 31st anniversary
8 days- June 20- Nathan's birthday & 50th anniversary for Mom and Dad
17 days- June 29- Peter's birthday

{two} JULY

22 days- July 4- *cookout/beach/fireworks*
29 days- July 11/12/13 {surprise birthday trip for Peter} sh!sh!
32 days- July 14-18 - VBS week
35 days- July 17- Lindsey's birthday

{three} AUGUST

63 days- August 14/15/16 - Homecoming (Logan and Lindsey visit)
80 days- Labor Day weekend


83 days- September 3- Logan's birthday
84 days- September 4- Football begins!!
87 days- September 7- Bears first game of season

{five} OCTOBER

115 days- October 5- going to football game in Charlotte, NC (Bears vs. Panthers)
Also, last day of the season at b&b (and possibly my last day working at the b&b???? since it is officially on the market).

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