Tuesday, June 3, 2014

30 spaces/30 days: medicine cabinet/ vanity

The holidays, the wedding, going back to work....I've made excuses long enough! It's time to get this house organized....again!
I'm pulling out my 30 Spaces/ 30 Days list and will spend the month of June sorting, throwing away, and organizing. I will also share a favorite organizing tip for each space.
 I'll start in the bathroom, since I've been running low/out of everything!

(1) medicine cabinet/ sink vanity - cabinet cleaned out, expired products thrown away, list made, and space organized.

**One of my favorite ways to organize in the bathroom: apothecary jars.
You can use these clear glass jars to display soaps, Q-tips, cotton balls, bath bombs, make-up brushes, and other items.

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