Saturday, June 14, 2014

more 30 spaces/ 30 days

4) magazines/catalogs
This is an easy space to keep organized now, since I don't have any current magazine subscriptions. Nathan signed up for People and Sports Illustrated (which we read and pass on to the b&b). Mom shares her Coastal Living and BH&G mags with me!
As far as catalogs, I toss after looking since I do most of my browsing/ordering online 

5) cards/wrapping supplies
I store cards in a photo box on one of the shelves in the laundry room. I try to look ahead and pick up a few cards each time I go to Dollar Express or the Hallmark store.

6) laundry room shelves
Laundry room shelves with bins and storage containers hold things like light bulbs, swiffer supplies, batteries, as well as a couple of photo boxes: one holds cards the other holds stencil paints and brushes.

7 & 8) food cabinet/pantry
cleaned out and organized the food cabinet and pantry

9) Peter's dresser
cleaned out Peter's dresser....packed away more winter items, threw away worn socks and t-shirts, and organized it. 

10) dishes/glasses/mugs
I finally bought new dishes!
 Just a basic set (of 8) of square white dishes. I love them! I cleared out all of my old dishes and sold them at my yard sale. They were still nice, so I'm glad they found a good home.

I also bought new kitchen rugs....

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