Tuesday, December 13, 2011

countdown to vacation time...........

I'm getting so excited......you see, just one month from today we'll be in Disney World!!! We weren't sure if this trip would actually happen this year, due to Nathan's full schedule at school, but after much working & reworking of dates, we made it happen!!! We will be leaving after school on Weds Jan 11, and drive {yes, drive....Peter chooses not to fly whenever possible} that evening and the next day, probably reaching FL by late Thurs. We will check into the Caribbean Beach Resort on Fri Jan 13. We will check out on Tues Jan 17 and get home sometime on Weds. This will be our {Peter & I} 5th trip to WDW and Nathan's 3rd. People often ask why don't we want to vacation somewhere else....well, we have, but we just love our time in Disney! Even after going several times, there is still so much we haven't seen & done. There is something for everyone there...young and old! It is the one place I can go and feel almost like I am in another world. It's a happy, fun place, where you can forget about all the hustle & bustle of your daily life, and just relax and enjoy that wonderful place with those you love!



We may not return for a few years though after this trip, as we plan to take Nathan to Chicago{we promised to take him when he graduated high school....I cannot believe it is NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!} I have also planted the idea of going even further south to Key West....Peter thought it was a wonderful idea! :O) But for now, we'll look forward to counting down the next 30 days....can't wait to go back!!!


Heidi said...

So excited for you! We love Disney too, and keep going back and back and back! :) We'll be there just a few weeks after you. Are you getting the free dining?

Susan said...

No, we got the resort discount though. We do the dining plan and love it! Would've been a nice savings if we had gotten in on free dining!! I'm getting sooo excited! Bet you are too!

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