Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Stitch Fix #6 - April 2017

Stitch Fix #6 - April 2017

I love getting this happy mail every month! It's so exciting not knowing what's inside that box!

At first glance, the colors didn't wow me....kind of boring....mauve and mint green...hmmm?!

Here is a better look at the 5 items I got......

(1) Moda Luxe South Hampton Tote - $58.00

I've been asking for a purse and while I love the style and size, I really didn't care for the minty green color. [Return]

(2) Pistola Moriah Straight Leg Pant - $78.00

I really liked these pants for spring/summer. They fit well, BUT, (a) they are mauve, and (b) they cost 78 bucks!! [Return]

(3) Brixon Ivy Pinson Drape Cardigan - $54.00

I got a similar cardigan a few months ago that I kept, so this one went back. It was a little "older" looking I thought too. [Return]

(4) Fun2Fun Willow Lace Detail Blouse - $48.00

I feel like I owned a top like this YEARS ago....it was just o.k....[Return]

(5) Daniel Rainn Samina Tulip Sleeve Blouse - $64.00

This was the item that I loved most in this fix. I loved the fit, the sleeve detail (which I didn't capture very well in this pic), and the colors/print. It looked good with the pants too, but I thought it was just too expensive. [Return]

Thoughts: This month, for the first time, I kept nothing. I really wanted to keep the tulip sleeved blouse, but just couldn't justify spending $64 for it. I hate to lose my $20 styling fee, but think that might happen once in a awhile, because I don't want to buy something just to be buying it. When I signed up, I decided I wasn't going to buy things I didn't intend to wear, or spend too much on an item that I could get somewhere else much cheaper. I really love the quality of the clothes and that my stylist, Litsa, puts so much thought into what she sends me. She mentioned having trouble accessing my style board on Pinterest, so I will re-link that before my next fix! 

I am still loving Stitch Fix and get very excited when my monthly box arrives!! 

If you decide to sign up for STITCH FIX - please use my referral!!!


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