Sunday, April 23, 2017

4 fun things: April

[April 2017]

for our home: 

I bought these gorgeous Pioneer Woman glasses! I usually buy cheap basic glasses and use them until the dishwasher gets the best of them, but this time, I got these pretty turquoise stemmed glasses! They were only $4 each, a great price, and so far I'm hand washing them, so they'll probably stay looking nice much longer.

just for me:

nothing out of the ordinary for me this month, spending most of my money on special events..showers and weddings and April birthdays. I actually still have my birthday money and hope to go on a shopping spree for me as soon as things settle down!? I did finally order my dress for the wedding!!!!!!! Yaaa!!!! I love it and really hope it fits!! I got it from David's Bridal!

just for fun: 

I always love getting those little "extras" just for me!!
I've been looking for a good devotional, and a friend suggested "Mornings With Jesus"  monthly magazine, and I subscribed to it. Looking forward to getting my first copy soon.

to organize:

I bought a new day planner/reservation book for the b&b....

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