Monday, April 3, 2017

My Green Chef Review

-My Green Chef Review-

I got a FREE box ($9.00 shipping only) from @acupfullofsass so while Peter was away at work, I gave it try. Here is my review.....I liked the packaging - everything was cold and fresh, and I liked the reusable cold packets and that the cooler bags were biodegradable. I also liked that everything was organic.

I loved the color coded stickers on the packaging, I am reusing all the little clear bottles and lids in my spice cabinet.

Meal #1 

Vietnamese Chicken Bowl w/Rice Noodles, Carrots, Snap Peas, & Curry Pesto

I wasn't the biggest fan of this dish. I really don't care for the taste of cilantro, but I for some reason I keep adding it anyway. I took out half for dinner, but couldn't finish it. I was eating it, trying to talk myself into liking it, but I just did not care for this meal at all. To make things worse, that night after church, some type of bug hit me, and let's just say it was NOT pretty!!!! :O( The next day, I ate the chicken (plain) and dumped the rest!!! 

Meal #2 

Southwestern Sole w/ Black Beans, Corn, Potatoes, & Chimichurri Slaw and Sauce

So this one was just okay. The fish, potatoes, beans, and corn were pretty good, but I hated the slaw and sauce! :O( For my left-over meal...I ate the fish and potatoes only. 

Meal #3

Cumin-Coriander Steak w/Harissa-Spiced Farro, Green Beans, Tomatoes, & Carrots

Of the three meals, this one was the best. It still didn't WOW me like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh meals usually do, but it was okay.

I love steak, and these two steaks were some of the nicest I've gotten in the boxed meals. 

I guess I'm glad I at least tried the Green Chef meals, but overall my review is that they are not in the same league as Blue Apron and Hello Fresh (or even Plated which I tried a few months ago). I do like trying different subscription boxes and I love trying new recipes. However, I cancelled my Green Chef account after this box. I highly suggest trying these subscription boxes, if only for the free or discounted box. I hadn't paused my Blue Apron shipment the same week I claimed this box so I ended up with two boxes that week. It really worked out well because that gave me 12 meals while Peter was away at work and I only paid about $60. 

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