Tuesday, April 18, 2017

*dandelion wishes*

3 weeks!!!! 3 looonnnggggg weeks!!!! Peter had a 3-week tour last trip on the boat, since his company adjusts the calendar for the year [everyone who missed the holidays last year, gets them off this year...and this includes Peter and both boys!!!!] YAAAAA!!!!!! A 3-week tour also meant I hadn't seen my sweet girl in awhile!! So, on Tuesday 4/04, I went for an overnight visit with Lindsey and Kamry before Peter got home and as I always do, had the best time!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous!!! We just hung out at the house, enjoyed our time together, and.....

- took walks with Kamry and Allie

- washed windows & changed curtains

- talked & talked & talked about 1st birthday parties.....house projects......the wedding......

- made homemade chicken pot pie [which Kamry LOVED! and even said "ta-ta" [thank-you] to Nana!]

- read books, played, sang, and Nana got at least 100 kisses!!

Kamry is a joy! She is the best natured, most fun baby ever. She enjoys everything and wants to be in the midst of it all. She is very active and is all over the place! She can crawl, pull up, and just started pushing up to standing (bent over) from a crawling position. She can say Da-Da...Pop-Pop....Ta-Ta....Peppa  (as in Peppa Pig) and mimics the syllables you are saying (like stinky-- ssss).   She is funny and loves to make you laugh. If we get busy talking, she will let out a big fake laugh or yell, just to get attention. What a sweet little personality!! She enjoys everything, even sitting in the yard with the sun in her eyes, squinting that little nose, blowing dandelion wishes. :O) :O)

Dandelion w/ sèeds, close your eyes and make a wish

Instead of blackboard, this would be nice with a canvas and real plants..make it mixed medium!

It's the Perspective that makes the Connection..                                                                                                                                                      More

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Some see Weeds Doodle Card | Zipadeedoodle

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