Monday, April 17, 2017

IT'S A BOY!!!!

Kayla was given a 3D sonogram a few weeks ago (@14 weeks) 
and they determined the GENDER REVEAL PARTY it is!!!! 

Hold him a little longer:
You are loved little one! Mom to be | pregnancy | baby on board | cute | parenthood | nursery plaque!

side note:
[I took photos, but just as I was about to post this, Alicia Thomas posted the pictures she had taken. Being a photographer is such a gift, while most people just snap pictures, she truly captures those special moments. So talented!]
source: Alicia Thomas
source: Alicia Thomas
source: Alicia Thomas
source: Alicia Thomas
Omg I love this! Would totally incorporate this in baby's room if I had a little boy. One day...:
and a few more pics......
I always knew I was meant to have boys...    I LOVE my baby boys!!  (thankfully we haven't experienced the worm in the pocket   thing YET...  I HATE worms!!)

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