Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My Election Post

My blog is anything but political, but it is a journal for me, so I had to make one post about the election that just took place. This has been one of (if not THE) most controversial elections during my years of voting. It has been one of the hardest for me. I have tried so hard to choose the candidate that I thought would best serve our country and came up short every time. I take pride though, in my right to vote, and agonized over the thought of not casting a vote for our next President of the United States. After much thought and prayer, I woke up Tuesday morning with a peace and the mindset that no matter who got elected I would support them as our leader and pray for them and our country as often as I was reminded. I felt a sense of relief and peace as I walked away from the voting booth. I wasn't ashamed or disappointed that I hadn't chosen either, and honestly I didn't feel like I had "wasted" my vote. 

We watched some of the results come in, but didn't find out until the next morning that, in fact, Donald Trump had been elected as our 45th President.

While I had been indecisive this election, my family hadn't been. Both boys had voted absentee since they were at work and it was Nathan's first Presidential election. Logan did a little airport gift shop shopping on his way home from work. :O) 

Let's pray the words of that slogan come true! I, for one, am ready! 

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