Sunday, August 30, 2015

Chincoteague Visit [day two]

Day 2: We had a lazy morning hanging out at the rental, then Mom showed me a few of her favorite shops including the Op Shop.
I found a few things, my best buy being a J Jill tee for $1.25. :O)


She told me about mercury glass pumpkins she had seen in Dollar General, so we made a stop by there before meeting up with Julie for lunch at Pico Taqueria. I was excited to try this place, as I had read lots of great reviews.

I read a little about the owners before going, so it was kindof cool "meeting" the four of them. What an awesome business they have.

I got the Chincoteague Classic lettuce, pico de gallo, cotja,
creme fraiche with chicken, the Cilantro Rice Pudding topped with fresh mango, and Daily Drink Special Limeade.

OMG! This lunch was amazing!!

Mom and Dad got.....

a beef, a fish, and a veggie taco and Chips and Salsa (which I sampled).

Julie got a chicken taco and The Chicken City
Blackened chicken, corn and black bean salsa, avacado cream, cotja.

After lunch, we finished our island tour....

did a little shopping and stopped for donuts at Sandy Pony Donuts.


Sea Foam - honey glaze & coconut

Salted Caramel - caramel glaze & pretzels

Surfer Dude - honey glaze, cinnamon sugar, & mini chocolate chips

I'm still thinking about that Sea Foam donut!

Earlier this morning, Mom and Dad found out they could get out of their lease by the first, so we had some packing to do the rest of today!! Later, we bought dinner in and just hung out.


Shanna Watson said...

Sandy Pony Donuts are AMAZING...and that is my go to, SEAFOAM :)
Pico is great as well, their taco salads are so filling & of course yummy!

Susan Crockett said...

Of the three, the Sea Foam was my fave! They are just so good! And we all loved Pico! I just want to go back......

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