Saturday, August 1, 2015

hello august......

July went out with a bang!

- Mom and Dad came home yesterday!!

Happy, happy, happy! I missed them more than I thought possible. I'm glad that they are able to do this and I know that it is good for them, but I am selfish and want them close by. They have a few more months on their lease, but hopefully, they can get out of it and will stay home (or just be away for a month or two during the winter months).

- Addison's 8th Birthday

a "Hedy" cake...yum!!

cute cookies by Mary

Ajuma & Addison

Hugh, Carolyn, Pam & Lisa

Addison & {Mom} Shelli share a birthday 7/31

Addison & Lucas

family photo-op

Nathan :O)

- busy, busy b&b

Things have been pretty busy at the b&b the past few weeks, which is a good thing. After last summer, I wondered if things would ever get back to normal again.

- Goodbye July

Another amazing sunset!

We also went out after dark trying to get a picture of the "blue moon". No luck.....I definitely need to work on my nighttime photography skills!

Hello August....I can't believe that summer has gone by so quickly and I only have 65 days left until another season at the b&b ends......but who's counting???? :O)

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