Thursday, July 30, 2015

Good Things Thursday

Peter got his call last week to go to Baltimore to get a physical for his new job. Since we had to be there early Tuesday morning, we spent Monday night with Lindsey. We went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse after she got off work. It was YUMMY! It was so good to spend a little time with her (and Allie). :O)
We left early the next morning and got there in plenty of time for his appointment.

Everything went good, except the breath alcohol testing machine was down and we had to go to another office across town to finish his exam.
a good time to catch up with one of my favorite magazines.
Logan called while I was waiting to let us know that he was tied up in Baltimore. It's funny how things happen. If the machine had been working, we would have been on our way home and would have missed seeing him. 


These are the things that mean the most to little visits with our children. :O) :O) :O)


We were starving by this time, so once we got across the bridge, we stopped for a late lunch at Olive Garden. We both got the salad & breadsticks and the Seafood Alfredo. Delish! It took Peter almost 30 years to give O.G. a try, but it's now a favorite for lunch! :O) :O)
Just when I thought things couldn't get any better, Peter suggested we drive to Chincoteague to see Mom and Dad! :O) :O) :O)

Lindsey had dinner plans with friends, so it was just the two of us. We got to see the townhouse they have been staying in ALL summer. It is a really nice place, but I would rather have them home (which they are planning to do very soon!). It was soooooo good to see them and spend a few hours with them. We went out to get something to eat and ended up at Woody's. Great place!

these fries seriously give Thrasher's a run for their money!!

It was so nice just to sit and talk and spend some time with Mom and Dad. I have really missed that.
{The Pony Swim was the next day and I would LOVE to have seen that, but that will have to go on the bucket list for another year.}
source: yahoo
 We stayed with Lindsey again on Tuesday night and headed back home on Wednesday. Allie was very quiet all morning, like she knew we were going home. She even jumped in bed with Peter while I got my shower. When we left, she stood at the window and watched us drive away. It was so sad! :O(

What was supposed to be a boring drive to Baltimore for a physical, turned into an awesome two days!! Now, we are just waiting to hear when Peter will start his new job. :O)

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