Monday, June 1, 2015

welcome june....

It's finally JUNE!

May had to have been the longest month...ever! I'm not sure if it was because I started back to work or because Mom and Dad have been gone for the past month (they rented a house in Chincoteague until Halloween!!!) Whatever the reason, I was happy to flip the calendar over this morning. It's me, it's officially SUMMER!! :O)

June has started off with a bang.....I had the day off, so I spent some time in the yard this morning, planting flowers and putting down new mulch. It was soooooooooooo hot but I managed to get the front and back beds done. I still need to trim the hedges and weed around the patio area.

This evening, I went to the beach with 10 other ladies for a bonfire. It looked stormy, but we got a few hours in before the rain started. This is always a fun and relaxing time! Hopefully, I'll get to join in on more of these outings this summer. :O)
source: elana
source: elana

June is gonna be a busy month....the calendar is filling in very fast!

6/02 - Mom & Dad home for a few days
6/04 - graduation
6/06 & 6/07 - weekend getaway :0) :0) :0)
6/10 - Nathan back to work
6/12 - MIL/BIL b-day
6/15 - Dad's b-day
6/17 - our (32nd) anniversary
6/20 - Nathan's 20th b-day (he'll be on the boat until the 24th)
6/21 - Father's Day
6/22-26 VBS week
6/29 - Peter's b-day

This is in addition to work, daily life stuff, and all the other things that will pop up this month. I have a feeling June will move along much faster than May did though. It'll be pumpkin time before we know it! (BTW.....Hobby Lobby had a few isles of fall stuff out already!!!!!!) Are you kidding me?


Shanna Watson said...

I knew I saw your mom at a yard sale Memorial Wknd on Chincoteague! I will say hello next time, LOL.

Susan Crockett said...

Yep, that was her! She loves a good yard sale! LOL

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