Wednesday, May 21, 2014

the wedding [part one]

It was finally here.....just 2 days until the big day!!!! Peter and I arrived in MD on Thursday morning, and even though Lindsey, the wedding planner, and others had spent hours that week decorating for the reception and working on last minute things, there was still much to be done to pull everything together. Logan and Peter went to Salisbury to pick up the tuxes and make one last trip to Sam's Club. Lindsey, Danielle, and I spent the day working on the seating arrangements, making placecards, and finishing the programs, etc.

.....this took longer than you think!
so many wedding gifts and still more showing up!!!!
I took Lindsey, Kayla, Danielle, and Kara to dinner at Water's Edge, while the guys got together for dinner. Afterwards, we all met up at the fire hall to finish things up.
(sorry for the dark pictures).
the happy couple
wedding planner- Danielle C. (she was awesome!!!) w/Peter, Logan, &  Lindsey
Kara and Danielle R. setting up the placecards

my table :0)
(still needed centerpieces)

It was beautiful!!!! :0)

 The flower centerpieces were added on Friday evening. It looked so good!
:0) :0) :0)


Ashley Eskridge said...

Susan, everything was beautiful. Everyone at table 13 had a great time!!

Susan said...

Thanks! It was a beautiful wedding! I'm sure it was nice catching up with your classmates! I saw Joseph but didn't get to say hi to you! Thanks for coming! :0)

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