Monday, September 23, 2013

O's Game

We made the mistake of switching out our clothes in the truck before going in the stadium. We all wanted to wear our O's gear, but who knew it would be 100 degrees that night. It was sooooooo hot!!! Whatever possessed me to put on a black tee, and was I crazy thinking I'd need a jacket? LOL And forget going back to the truck, we had to park all the way over at the Ravens stadium.

Once we got inside and found our seats, we settled in and enjoyed the game.

We had great seats!

The first baseman kept throwing balls into the stand. The guy next to Peter caught one of the balls. Peter was hoping to catch one for Nathan {who sadly had to miss the game!}. I took lots of pictures for him though.

I was surprised that this was Logan's very first MLB game. He's been everywhere and done everything, but this was new to him & he loved it!! He kept saying that he was definitely going to make this a tradition each summer. Hopefully, he and Nathan will get to do a game together sometime. That had been the point of coming to this game, Logan had bought tickets as part of Nathan's grad gift. Nathan was a good sport about it though, and even called us as we were coming into the stadium. Wish he could have been there with the family. As of now, the boys are on completely different shifts at work. I worry about them ever getting together again, but hopefully, after a few months, things will line up. I know, at least, that we'll all be together for the wedding in May.

Did I mention how hot it was?????? Oh, and I found out something rather interesting while at this ballgame. Beer is the big seller there......not Diet Coke....NOPE. I was so thirsty and kept stretching my neck looking for a vendor with some ice, cold Coke, but I was outa luck! At least a dozen guys came by with all the beer you could care to drink, but not a soda in sight. Finally, Logan offered to go inside and get me one. :O)

I was one HAPPY GIRL!!! :O)

Funny story: When Logan picked up the tickets at will call, we had seats 5,6,7,8,9. He immediately claimed seat #5. Me, being the organizer that I am, suggested sitting like this: me, Peter, Logan, Lindsey, Cathy. That way Lindsey would have her Mom & Logan to talk with, and Logan would have Lindsey and Peter. But noooo, Logan wanted seat #5, the rest of our gang could sit wherever. So, we all get to our seats and Logan sits in his prized seat #5 and is happy that nobody is in seat #4! :O) The game starts and he's loving his seat, while the four of us are sqished in like sardines & sweating pretty good by now {I know, the game has just started!}. comes this big guy {like take up his seat and part of yours too} and stops at our row and finds his #4!!!!! :O) I had to smile.....and to make matters worse, he had food, lots of food, lots of hot & messy food! LOLLOL Sorry Logan......but of course, this will be a funny memory from his first ever ballgame! Lucky seat #5!! :O)

Even with the ridiculous heat, and the O's losing, we had a great time. We couldn't wait to get to the truck and get cooled off. Once over the bay bridge, we stopped for snacks. We still had a long ride home. We finally got in around 2:30, but we could sleep in the next morning! :O) It had been such a great day!! :O)


Shanna Watson said...

We too have made an O's game a yearly tradition, great memories! We stay at the Hilton Baltimore (right next to Oriole Park)'s pricey but we make a weekend out of it and the best part is we park under the hotel and walk the entire weekend. No hassle with traffic! Plus you earn hilton points.

Susan said...

That sounds perfect Shanna! Normally, Peter & Nathan go with friends every summer and they just drive to Salisbury and stay after the game. Now that we have to work around Nathan's schedule, maybe we might try doing that on one of his weekends off. We really enjoyed our day in Baltimore!! :O)

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