Sunday, August 18, 2013

Homecoming 2013

This year's Homecoming was very different {different-that seems to be our new normal}. We were missing Nathan, but we have had an awesome weekend with Logan and Lindsey.

Friday was very laid back, they had lunch and visited family, and then off to Homecoming. I had a very hectic, busy day {week} at work. I had to push myself to make it in to work the funnel cake stand at 6:00. It was nice though, since Wanda & I worked together those 2 hours {then we sat and talked for 4 more}! We finally got caught up {or do we really ever get caught up??}. It was a perfect night for Homecoming! Friday night was by far the better of the two nights. I got up early Saturday and went up to my parents house. Mom, Dad, & Julie were outside having coffee, what a better way to start the day: time with family, cappuccino & a cream puff! Logan and Lindsey spent some time at the beach, then we had a big steamed crab/shrimp feast. The weather was gorgeous, so we ate outside.

We sat around and talked, and finally started getting ready for night two of Homecoming. It started to sprinkle before we left, but we hoped the rain would hold off just a few more hours. It ended up raining off & on all night, so I couldn't seem to get into the festivities, besides, I didn't have a partner to talk to {Wanda- where were you????} and Mom left early. I did one Cupid Shuffle {maybe I'll learn the Wobble by next year-LOL}, ate a funnel cake, didn't win the raffled trip to OBX :O( :O(, after a few hours, Peter and I decided to call it a night.
It rained all day today....I had work, but came home early to have lunch with the family. Logan and Lindsay headed back home at 4:00. It was so nice having them here this weekend......what a great weekend!

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