Tuesday, August 27, 2013

my happy list ~ august 27

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My Happy List
my happy list.......

{1} slow day at work=blog time :O)
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I haven't posted in awhile for several reasons, either I'm too busy at work or I'm just too tired {or lazy} to take the time to post. I love blogging and love when I have a little free time to take pictures and post more often. Today was a slow day at work, so I thought I'd spend a little time on my blog, catching up on reading and posting!

{2} a mani appointment......
Wanda and I don't get together often enough, so scheduling a mani appointment together is a great way to catch up! We have one today and I'm thinking I might add a little chevron???
pretty baby pink nails with black and white chevron & silver glitter nail
{3} dinner in the freezer.....
This day just keeps getting better! A big bag of chili in the freezer means a no-cook day for me! :O) I'll heat up some Texas Toast and make a salad for the guys and I'll have some pizza later. Wondering why I don't do more make-ahead freezer cooking.....a no-cook day really makes me happy!

{4} having Nathan home.....
Nathan has been home almost a week, and while the hamper has been brimming over since he got back, I really love having him here!!!! :O) :O)

{5} out on the water......
I hate to admit that I haven't been out on the boat since the 4th of July! Peter put the boat on the railway last week, so hopefully now, we'll take advantage of this beautiful weather and get out on the water!
A few pictures I took at the railway last week......


beagleAnnie said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks for sharing beautiful sea pictures. Peaceful images. Love them. Keep blogging in your free time.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

What a beautiful place!

GREAT Happy List. I know what you mean about blogging...I haven't been able to do as much as I've wanted to do because life is taking up way too much of my time, LOL!

I'm jealous of your manicure....I need a mani-pedi in the worst way!!!

I say you should take the boat out. Boating's good!

Thanks for lining-up, Sweetie!

Now go {happily} get that laundry done since you didn't have to cook dinner! ;P

Ricki Jill