Monday, June 11, 2012

Dieting 101

So here's the update on my diet......I posted about how I've been doing the Atkins diet plan{low carb diet *lose up to 15 lbs. in 2 weeks}, loved the food choices, loved losing 11 lbs. in 16 days, but got the brainy idea to switch off for a few days, because I got "bored". I decided to give the Special K plan a try {*lose up to 6 lbs. in 2 weeks}.  So for the past 4 days I've eaten Special K for breakfast {the Almond Vanilla is delish!} w/ skim milk, for lunch I had a Special K protein shake, and a pear or banana. Then, you can have a "sensible" dinner....LOL and I had a Special K snack bar and diet coke for a night snack. After 4 days, I gained  back 2 of the pounds I had lost. :O( :O( I also didn't feel as motivated or satisfied doing the Special K plan. After eating low carb foods for 2 weeks, I felt as though I was cheating by eating a bowl of cereal with 23 carbs! The daily allowance of carbs on the Atkins diet is it just didn't seem right to eat my quota on a single bowl of cereal{even though I wasn't counting them!}
Weight lost= 9lbs......11 more to go!!
Where does this leave me???? You guessed it.....I'll be having bacon and eggs for breakfast in the morning! :O) I'll keep you posted!

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beagleAnnie said...

Hi Susan,
I'm following your diet fight. Keep doing.

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