Thursday, August 3, 2017

life is better in flip 1

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Summer is flying by and we really wanted to fit in a little overnight getaway! The weekend had been so stormy, but on Saturday night Peter was looking at the forecast for this week and said it was supposed to be gorgeous (and cooler). He mentioned possibly going to Ocean City and I jumped on it! So, after work on Sunday, we took the evening boat off and headed for O.C. :O)

Now, let me tell you again how my summer bucket list has been a great motivator for doing more fun things during the summer. In the very beginning,  years ago when I did my first bucket list chalkboard, Peter thought it was silly (along with Nathan who was still living at home). But even before the summer was over, Peter really got into it and actually admitted having fun completing the check list (and Nathan & Kayla some of it too). So after a little eye rolling when the list first goes up, Peter really gets into trying to check everything off, even trying to mutitask and kills several birds with one stone. So, of course, along with checking off going to O.C., he asked which new restaurant we were going to try. LOL 

I had read good things about Fish Tales and it lived up to all of it's rave reviews.

From the atmosphere....

to the family friendly, yet couples date night kind of place....

to the great service....

to the amazing food....

Fish Tales didn't disappoint!!!

Fresh Mango Salsa & Traditional House Salsa w/red. white & blue chips
and Peter also got the garlic mussels. :O)

I got the FISH TALES BLT SALAD w/Grilled Scallops
A bed of mixed greens and assorted vegetables piled high and topped with bacon and homemade croutons, drizzled with pomegranate blueberry vinaigrette and buttermilk ranch.

A combination plate of two jumbo grilled shrimp, four scallops, a single crab cake, and a 6-8 oz. piece of the fresh catch of the day (mahi). Served with veggie, side salad, and a baked potato. The seafood lovers dream! 
(and it was!!!)

We will definitely return to FISH TALES!!!

After dinner, we headed to the boardwalk.....

did a little shopping (bought my first Simply Southern tee!!!).


ice cream on the pier....

in honor of shark week.....:O)

We weren't ready to leave yet, so we bought round trip tickets on the tram and spent the next 2 hours just relaxing and touring the boardwalk. I was taking in all the "new" things we could do next time in O.C. including riding the tram up the boardwalk the renting surrey bikes!!! Bucket list item for sure next year!! :O)

We rode NO rides!!! Not even the ferris wheel....this has been something Peter and I never had in common: my LOVE of any and all rides vs. his HATE for them (including the ferris wheel). :O(
For years, I rode alone, but as I got older the charm of riding alone has worn off. I miss the rides though, and hoping my grandkids will love them as much as me....I'll be the cool Nana!! ;O)

Peter mentioned that we should have brought the kite and we could have checked off -fly kite from our bucket list. LOL

Since the trip was last minute, we hadn't decided on where to stay. We normally now head to Marion and tie in a Kamry visit, but we needed to do a little shopping in the a.m. plus it would be super late when we got there and she would already be asleep. I really wanted to get an ocean front room with a balcony, but even with last minute booking discounts we couldn't justify the cost for a few hours. Hopefully, we can make it back by Fall. I ended up using my points + bought points for Sleep Inn in Salisbury and only paid $65.00! :O) We really like staying there since they recognize us when we arrive and treat us like family. It's also clean, safe, and the rooms are nice. The only thing I don't love there is the breakfast and the breakfast space is too crowded. We aren't big breakfast people anyway, so no biggie for least the coffee is good!! :O)

day 2 coming up....


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