Wednesday, December 30, 2015

wrapping up 2015....

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve! I always love when a New Year comes in, it's like a fresh start, a time to get organized and look forward to what the New Year will bring.

I am finishing up 2015 with some undecorating, a little organizing, more movie watching (just wondering how long they are going to show Christmas movies??), some after-Christmas online shopping with gift cards and Kohl's Cash, and a little visiting with friends and family.

Last night, Wanda and I got together to exchange gifts and get caught up. :O) We always enjoy getting together (and those 5 hours just flew by). :O) She gave me this awesome gift....LOVE!!! <3

I LOVE this Rae Dunn canister :O) :O)
Rae Dunn pottery is very just have to collect every cute piece!
I especially love the holiday stuff!
I found this Naughty/Nice mug at Marshall's.
Marshall's, TJMaxx, and Home Goods almost always have a few hidden Rae Dunn gems!! :O)
I forgot to post a pic of this tray that Wanda gave me earlier this fall! Can't wait to pull it out next year.
Today was game day with Derek, Mom, & Dad.
Derek got this new game [PO-KE-NO] for!!!
A fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies [and the only way to eat them] hot out of the oven!! These were the only cookies I ate this holiday [seriously] and they were so GOOD!!! :O)
and who eats cookies with a fork????
um.....that would be Dad! :O)

It has been so wet and rainy and foggy and dreary, combine that with the piles of dirt they have put on the property next to Mom & Dad's house, and you've got one big mud puddle! I still love the view and can hardly wait until things get cleaned up.
(a few things I love about this pic...the oyster buy boat in the creek, the discarded "live" trees on the dock that will be used to fatten up the hunter's duck blinds, and just the fact that we can watch the mail boat come in from their kitchen table). <3 <3 <3
Speaking of mud.....
:O) :O)
Dad's golf cart got stuck and this was how he ended up after we got it unstuck!! :O)
Pictures don't do it justice! :O) [and sorry Dad, but it was funny!]
.......and that about wraps up our 2015 on to the New Year!!

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