Saturday, December 26, 2015

CHRISTMAS 2015 (part three)


The dreaded day had arrived! I woke up on Christmas morning completely ALONE! For the very first time in 50 years, I was home alone on Christmas....there were no presents to open, no special Christmas breakfast, nobody to laugh and talk with, nothing. I literally felt like Kevin McAllister from the movie Home Alone. :O) Two years ago, Peter and I had our first Christmas morning without kids, but this was even different from that.

In the spirit of Christmas, my top three favorite Christmas songs!

But then I plugged in the lights on the tree, sat down with my cup of coffee, and started to think about the amazing time I had been able to spend with my family this year, especially Logan getting home unexpectedly on Tuesday, and being able to have those few hours together finally as a family again. I was soon reminded too, about the real meaning of Christmas and who it is really all about. I quickly stopped feeling sorry for myself, and instead, felt thankful for all the wonderful things in my life, most importantly that tiny baby that came into this world for me (us) all those years ago.

I watched several hours of Hallmark movies (I have probably seen every Christmas movie...twice!). Mom and Dad dropped by later that evening, then the three of us went to Denny & Glenna's for a visit and some food. I had a good visit especially with Shelli, Hugh, & Lori who were home for the holidays. :O)
More Christmas movies when I got home, but I turned in much earlier than the 3 a.m. bedtime from the night before.
Julie and Derek came today. Mom cooked "Christmas" dinner, we opened more gifts, played Derek's new game, went to look at the lights, and had LOTS of laughs. :O)
Christmas 2015 has definitely been different, but I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family to spend the holidays with! :O)
1. i have no one to kiss #im16 and 2nd, we must sparkle through every season... but this is just too cute!

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