Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

This one says it all, and reminds us what Thanksgiving is all about... Love this Free Fall Pumpkin Printable from "Design Love and Inspiration"

We celebrated early this year, since Peter and Nathan will head back to work the day before Thanksgving. As is tradition, dinner was at Mom & Dad's house, with Mom, Julie, & I doing the cooking.
Sticking with our new tradition of disposable dinnerware :O)
(pretty paper...got it at Hobby Lobby)

{the food} 

and the star of the show......

.....the dressing! 
(and of course, Mom too!!) :O) :O)

 We tweaked things a little this year, but kept our menu traditional. I made the pretzel salad, corn pudding, and sweet potato fluff the day before. I used disposable pans that worked great for storing overnight and reheating the next day (right out of the fridge). I also made the pecan pie. Mom made the pumpkin pies and rolls. The day of: we cooked the turkey and the collards and made the dressing. Last minute: the gravy and mashed potatoes.


(about the turkey)

So, after a few years of turkey frustrations...we went back to using a cooking bag!
It was DELISH!!! and fall-off-the-bone tender (literally). :O) This is the way to go! Our 18+ lb. turkey cooked to perfection in just 3 hours. :O)

(about the gravy)

Since we cooked the turkey in a bag, no drippings for the gravy. Mom found a great recipe that can be made without it. It is no-fail and can be made ahead of time.
Similar recipe link HERE .


pecan pie
pumpkin pies
w/homemade whipped cream

RECIPE: Beat one container (2 cups) heavy whipping cream with 1/2 cup sugar (add 1 T. at a time). Add 1 t. vanilla. Beat until light and fluffy. Refrigerate.

{side note}

I LOVE this "new" view from their kitchen window. An old, vacant trailor (before that a large house) had always blocked this awesome view. The land was recently purchased by the electric company and they are clearing off the lot. We have never been able to see all the way out in the creek...we are loving this new view!! :O) #perspective

Julie Bruce's photo.
[here are a few pics taken during the tearing down process]
now back to Thanksgiving Dinner.....

{the guest list}
(take-out for Lois)

Julie got more pictures than I did so I'm stealing a few of hers.

Nathan, Kayla, Liz, Derek, & Mitch

Liz & Mitch

the only pic of me & Peter :0(
[Wish we had gotten a better one together!]

We each wrote something we were thankful for and hung on the Thankful Tree (another new tradition). Derek reads them out after dinner. :O)

Since there was no football to watch, some of us played games after dinner.

Even though we had to celebrate on a different day, it still felt like Thanksgiving! As long as you have your family gathered around the table, enjoying good food and each other, any day can be a day to give thanks! :0) 
30 Days of Thankfulness: Free Thanksgiving Printable – Count Your Blessings

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