Monday, November 2, 2015

{girls weekend}

Mom & Daughters Fall Get-Away
We met up on Saturday morning (10/31). Since it was a girls-only-get-away, we sent Dad to Chincoteague to hang out with the guys! :O)
We had LOTS of shopping to do....but first, coffee!
Butter Rum Muffin & Frozen Mocha Latte
Our first stop was Marshall's in search of some Rae Dunn pottery....
We found a few mugs (mostly holiday), but we are still on the look out for the sugar bowl, and maybe the tea and/or coffee canisters.
....working on coffee #3!
More shopping...
testing out the recliners or getting a much needed break??? :O)
This one please!
Next, dinner at East Moon (a first for all three of us)...
We all wanted hibachi...
and Julie also added the cucumber/avocado/crab roll.
I tried it, but I'm still not a fan.
Mom: "What's the name of this soup?"
Me: "Clear Soup"
Mom to our hibachi cook: "What's the name of this soup?"
Hibachi cook to Mom: "Clear Soup"
(I guess you had to be there because I'm still laughing as I type!)
It was very good, I think she just wanted it to have a fancy name! :O)
that fried rice though...
I got the steak & was absolutely DELISH!!!
review {HERE}
Everything was purr-fect! LOL Mom!
We resumed shopping for a few more hours after dinner and decided to call it a day around 8:30.
Side note: Julie is like the energizer bunny all day....then all of a sudden, she's done...pj's on...asleep! :O)
Breakfast at the hotel (Sleep Inn)...(at 0-dark-thirty due to the time change and my mistake of not turning the clock back), then we got ready for church. Lindsey and Logan have found a church in Salisbury and I thought it would be nice to go with them. I was very impressed with the church and the pastor. :O) It was nice seeing a few of their friends there too. :O)
After church, we met up for lunch a Panera.
autumn squash soup + turkey, apple, & cheddar panini
= best thing I ever ate at Panera
Some shopping at Target, then time to meet up with Dad...but not before a stop at Dunkin' Donuts for a Pumpkin Donut for the road!!
We had a wonderful time!!! We don't get together enough and I really look forward to our girls only get away!! Can't wait till next time!

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