Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Simple Woman's Day Book: May 2015

The Simple Woman's Day Book

For Today...May 17th

Outside my window....overcast in the a.m., but an overall warm, Spring day!

I am thankful....for my children. They make me feel so loved and made sure my Mother's Day was special. Nathan gave me the sweetest card and hired a friend to power wash the house (it looks so good!). Logan & Lindsey sent me a beautiful hanging basket and a Target gift card.
I am very thankful for my mama too!

She is not only my role model, but my best friend. I love her so much!

I am also thankful for my sister! She is one of the hardest working single moms I know! She always puts others first, so I was glad (but a little jealous) that she got to go out to lunch with Mom for Mother's Day. [Restaurant review HERE.]

I am wearing....jeans & my new tee
Be The Good in the World Ladies T-Shirt...
....which is also my favorite quote of the day....

Believe there is good in the world - be the good - hand painted wood plank sign - 18x18 you choose colors

I am creating....not very creative these days! But....I am keeping the house tidy and organized. The transition of going back to work is not fun after being home all winter, but I feel more on top of things this year (well, I guess that's because I haven't officially started back to work yet). We'll see how I feel in a few weeks! :O(

I am going....maybe for another beach walk with Peter today (if the rain holds off and the gazillion bugs go away!)???

In my kitchen....
today was steaks on the grill and fresh corn on the cob.

In my garden....a few flowers that I planted last year are returning, but I need to buy a few more to fill in and some for my pots. I started weeding the patio area, cleaning up the marble chips, and need to buy a few bags of mulch. I love the beautiful hanging basket L & L gave me for Mother's Day.

From the board room (Pinterest)....

I love this reclaimed wood box with mason jars full of fresh flowers! 
The perfect table centerpiece.

One of my favorite things....
Amazing Race!
...and my favorite team - Tyler & Laura won!!
Amazing Race #teamSoCal

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