Friday, May 1, 2015

Prom 2015

-Prom 2015-
Prom #5 for Nathan (and this should be his last!)...Kayla's Senior Prom.
Kayla's dress was my fave, she chose - Black & Champagne -very glam!!
I can't help but do a flashback of proms:
Kayla's Senior Prom
Kayla's Junior Prom
Nathan's Senior Prom
Nathan's Junior Prom
Nathan's 1st Prom w/ Sreedevi :O)
And back to tonight.....
Peter always helps the boys get ready.

Nathan strikes a pose!

Due to the chilly weather (thankfully, the rain was over), the Grand March was in the auditorium instead of outside the school. I hadn't picked a very good spot for pictures at first, but relocated after the first couples came in.
Schyler & Nathan B.

A huge crowd always comes out to see the couples at Prom!

Morgan & Troy
Hannah & Luke

Marissa & Conner
(her dress was another fave of mine!!)
another view...

Blake & Joe-Joe

Hallie & Austin

Sydney & Noah

Kaylin & Drew

Erica & Jack

Justin & Summer

Kayla & Nathan :O)

Georgianna & Jonathon
(I always love their style!!)
The gym was beautifully decorated (and my pictures don't do it justice)


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Shanna Watson said...

Very classy couple! I have to say my fav dresses were Kayla, Georgianna & Schyler. And I totally get the #newcameraprobs! I've had mine for a few years and still haven't figured out all the settings, LOL.

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