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The Happiness Project: April 2015 (part 2 & 3)

The Happiness Project: April 2015

Lighten Up: Parenthood
Part Two: Acknowledge The Reality Of People's Feelings
Acknowledge and validate your child's feelings, and be aligned with their hearts. @janetlansbury
Strategies you can use to show your children (mostly little ones) that you acknowlegde their feelings:
(1) Write It Down.
(2) Don't feel as if you have to say anything.
Sometimes just a hug, a look, or a pat on the back is all they need, not a lecture or too much talking about something.
(3) Don't say "no" or "stop".
For little ones, sometimes just a no isn't enough. Instead of saying "No, not until after lunch", try, "Yes, as soon as we've finished lunch". See the difference?
(4) Wave my magic wand....
"If I had a magic wand, I'd make it warm outsidn't have to wear coats". This shows that you understand what your kids want and you are trying to help if you could.
(5) Admit the task is difficult.
Studies show that people tend to persevere longer with problems they've been told are difficult as opposed to easy.

Pert Three: Be A Treasure House Of Happy Memories
I guess in our family, this is me!
- take photographs
I have always loved pictures. I took zillions when the boys were little, then they went through that stage of not loving Mom taking their picture. Then came the generation of selfies, and Facebook and Instagram, where I can steal a picture here and there of the boys at work or a ballgame. Finally, we're back to my family not minding the picture taking. Since I started blogging a few years ago, they have gone from rolling their eyes to actually posing until I get the perfect picture. They are even on board with all the food pictures I take (I don't even have to ask anymore, nobody even takes a bite until I snap a picture...LOL)
Pictures are one of my favorite ways to capture and keep our memories!!
- write it down (journal, blog)
I've said this many times. I can't imagine not having a blog!! I was never faithful at keeping a journal, but I look forward to blogging and really love having a blog. I often look back through my blog and love having a record of things our family does.

- family traditions

We have many family traditions, but with a house full of men, sometimes it was hard to keep them going. There are, however, many traditions that they have loved and enjoyed, and hopefully, will pass on to their families someday.
- holidays

Our family loves holidays, especially Christmas and Thanksgiving. It has become harder since the boys got their jobs, to celebrate together, but I try very hard to make sure we still get together, even if we have to do it on another day.
- children's keepsakes

Since the boys are grown now, I'm struggling with what to keep and what to let go. During the last attic cleaning, I decided to condense all the stuff to one file box each or one big binder.

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