Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

We did things a little different this year and had the Easter sunrise service in the church cemetery. While I missed seeing the sun rise out of the water, it was very touching to be gathered around the cross as the Pastor shared a message with us. {Matt: 28}

He Is Risen (SMUMC Sunrise Service-2015)
I decided to skip breakfast at church.....I really wanted to get some pictures of the sunrise, so I headed to the kayak dock.
A sunrise is always touching to me, but even more so on Easter morning.
Easter Sunrise (kayak dock) 2015
TI Sunrise (4-05-15)
Easter Sunrise 2015
How amazing! The moon was full in the west and the sun was rising in the east!
full moon Easter 2015
What a beautiful morning!!
TI (2015)

After such a cold winter, these bright and cheery blooms are a welcome sight!
beautiful blooms - daffodils (2015)

My flowers seem to be a bit late this year (although Easter was later last year).

I love Spring and I love all the Spring decorations! I put out a few of my favorite Easter things and wreaths on the front and back doors.
some after church pictures......
Kayla & Nathan
What a pretty couple!
Jaxson joined in!

Left-over Easter dinner from yesterday and a 2 hr. nap.....yes please! :O)
Things are different now that the children are grown. No baskets to fill or outfits to buy. We sent Logan and Lindsey a card and some homemade eggs and bought a few eggs for us, but other than that, I didn't even buy Easter candy this year (umm....except for a few malted robin's eggs....and Reeses peanut butter eggs...that didn't make it to Easter).
While I miss doing these special things with the boys and I miss the days when our boys were little, I'm at a different stage in life now, I enjoy and take part in other things, like seeing the sunrise on Easter morning. 
Happy Easter 2015!

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