Wednesday, August 27, 2014

meal planning/grocery budgeting (2)

When I get something on my mind, I tend to get a bit obsessed. I planned this week's breakfast menu and bought enough for the week. I was very happy that this week's breakfast only cost me a little over $1.00 per day! I was even anxious to eat breakfast this morning. :0)

Up next, lunch. Since Peter normally comes home for lunch, I need to consider what he likes too. My lunch of choice is a turkey sandwich, but I pretty much eat whatever's in the fridge. There are also many days during the summer, I get busy at work and skip lunch. (hmmmm......rarely eat breakfast, skipping lunches.....why am I not skinny???)

While I could probably eat the same thing all week, I know Peter won't. For lunch, I'm going to plan two choices, and he can fill in with a can of soup if he gets tired of the same thing. He prefers soup anyway, so I'll keep a few extra cans on hand. I started pinning some lunch ideas, and here are a few of my favorites. (All photos below were taken from Pinterest). So many awesome ideas there!!

Pita Pizza 


Deli Meat & Cheese Wraps/ Sandwiches

I'll add fruit/veggies/chips or pretzels on the side.

Now to get organized for lunch.....but I'll start tomorrow since I'm going out to lunch with my Mom and nephew today!! :0)

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