Thursday, August 28, 2014

meal planning / grocery budgeting (3)

Week #1- Lunches

Starting a little late in the week, but I'm determined to do better with meal planning. I decided to alternate two lunches per week since Peter will be eating it too. Peter picked up some whole wheat pita bread yesterday, so Pita Pizza it is! My alternate lunch will be a wrap.

Yesterday, I divided single servings of the tortilla chips (that I had used with the Chicken Tortilla Soup) into ziploc bags and filled a few individual cups with salsa (also on hand).
I cut up the rest of the fresh pineapple and few other stray pieces of fruit in the fridge and made several single servings in plastic containers. 

Today, it only took a few minutes to fix lunch! And it was so good! :0)

Pita Pizza:  On a microwave safe plate, top Pita bread with a little pizza sauce (which I also had on hand), and a little mozzarella. Microwave 1 minute (or until cheese melts). Sprinkle with oregano. You can add other toppings too! Lunch in minutes! Chips w/salsa & orange slices on the side.

Tomorrow, I'll fix a wrap, more fruit, chips w/salsa, or carrots w/ranch. I really love the feeling of being prepared, eating healthier/less,  and saving $$......Hopefully, I can stick with this and get into a routine! Oh, btw.....Peter loved lunch too! :0) :0)

Up next......Dinner!

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Shellbell said...

awesome! I have decided to cut back on the packaged snacks i buy for Addison's lunch this year and either make a version myself or bag up some from a larger package. It's amazing how much we pay for individual sized foods! In many cases they have lots and preservatives and sodium too! We are even making our own lunchables!

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