Saturday, August 23, 2014


My pantry is in desperate need of being organized! I want to buy some pretty baskets and containers and put a label on everything....

I love everything about this pantry.....the labels, the clear glass jars w/silver lids, the flat clear containers that stack, and the white bins on top.

love this pantry....I like the wire bins, the clear containers with snap on lids, the labels, and all the little cubbies. Great space!!


I really just need to start somewhere on this little organizing project.  My "pantry" is actually spread out all over my kitchen. I have a tall pantry cabinet with crackers/cereal/ snacks/bread in the top part of it, a pie safe that holds mostly plasticware/storage containers (that really need organizing too!) and a few food items, a couple of shelves of one of the cabinets holds baking supplies/spices, and the bottom of the microwave cabinet holds canned/packaged goods. I want to corral all food together and organize. I need to buy some nice containers and just get started!!!

and I need one of these to hold my Tide Pods in the laundry room....

photo sources: Pinterest and Crate & Barrel

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