Friday, December 13, 2013

-feelin' accomplished!

bloom where you are planted — the painted arrow

It was gorgeous today, so I spent a few hours outside {finally} weeding the summer flower beds.

that's ALOT of weeds!
and.......I planted all the tulip and daffodil bulbs {all 80 of them}. I kept meaning to order bulbs online, but never did. I finally picked up 2 bags at Lowes a few weeks ago {@ 1/2 price}. :O) I had hoped to get them in before now, but I've been super busy, and we've had so many rainy days, I could never seem to get outside.

I haven't had tulips in years, so I'm hoping for lots of blooms this spring! :O) Let's just hope I haven't waited too long to plant!

The Best Time to Plant Tulip Bulbs  tulips,iris, crocus, daffodils

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