Friday, December 13, 2013

5 on friday: randomness

5 on Friday: this & that

{one} An early Christmas gift for me!!!!!
read about my deal on these here
{two} Nathan {loves} this stuff.....
Nathan gave Logan a set of "moose mugs" a few years ago, I'm surprising him with his own set this year! :O)

{three} How did I just discover iron-on hem tape????? The curtains I bought from World Market only came in 96 inches, so they needed hemming. No time to take them to the seamstress, so I tried this stuff....$1.00 and a few minutes later...a perfect hem! :O) It really does work! Oh, the little things! :O)

{four} When did this happen? A built-in measuring cup right on the instant oatmeal packet? Now that's handy!
Again, the little things! :O)
{five} FINALLY....the decorating is done! Well, except for a wreath to go over the mantel......I'm thinking a pine cone wreath? Something with burlap? Gotta get the glue gun out one more time!!
Rustic wreath - burlap and pinecones

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