Thursday, May 31, 2012

Destination Disney: Disney in Red

Heidi has started a new theme for
Destination Disney: DISNEY IN COLOR.

Hop on over and join in the fun! We're just getting started and our first color is RED!

I started looking through all of my albums and realized I had a gazillion alot of photos that would work this week. I decided to narrow it down by choosing a "red" picture from each of the 4 parks, so here goes.

Magic Kingdom:

Of course, Minnie's signature red & white polka dotted dress popped into my mind immediately.


The red phone booth in Epcot's United Kingdom pavilion had to make the list!

Hollywood Studios:
The big red guitar is one of my favorite sights at DHS, we  love, love, love Rockin' Roller Coaster!!!

Animal Kingdom:
The attention to detail at Animal Kingdom is amazing!!! Love this red bicycle!


Heidi said...

Awesome pictures! The last picture you posted is actually of a Xich-lo (pronounced zeek-low). They are one of the main modes of transportation in Vietnam. I love that you shared that picture. My picture of it will be showcased at My Dreams of Disney on Sunday!

Susan said...

Thanks Heidi! Disney just amazes me, I love their attention to detail and all the little things that the "average" Disney goer doesn't know. I find out some interesting fact almost every day, thanks to reading blogs, boards, etc. Thanks for sharing this info about a picture I love! :O) BTW...I am loving this new DD theme!!!

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