Saturday, May 12, 2012

5Q Friday...5/11

1. What advice would you give a couple getting married? Communication, respect, trust, loyalty, & love.....these are musts for a strong marriage.
2. If you could tell your 16 year old self ONE thing, what would it be? Stay true to who you are, don't worry about what others think/say about you. Just be yourself!!
3. What do you do to keep cool in the summer? (AC, windows, fans, swimming, etc.) Fans, A/C......and lots of cold treats!
4. What did you crave most while pregnant? With Logan, strawberries and red licorice, and with Nathan, Hawaiian Punch and instant mashed potatoes. :O)
and only the original red punch would do.....
5. Who is your favorite TV mom? Why? I really love Bonnie Bedelia , Camille Braverman from the show "Parenthood". I like her gentle, yet strong personality. She is respectable, kind, loving, and nurturing....just like my real Mom!

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