Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weekend Catch-Up 10/29

This week was all about fall cleaning and Halloween parties, and Halloween parties, and more Halloween parties!!! WoW! When did Halloween become a two-week event??? I do love Halloween though, it's such a fun time for everyone.

MONDAY - a gorgeous fall day- sunny and in the 60's. I started fall cleaning our bedroom.
TUESDAY - another nice day, warm & breezy, I finished cleaning our bedroom. I'm amazed at how much "stuff" ends up in our bedroom closet. Somehow, our bedroom becomes the catch-all place for things that need to find a home or to be put in the attic. I had to make peanut butter candy for the school party. Nathan had college day today and went to his Halloween party.
WEDNESDAY- more cleaning {no, I am not planning on fall cleaning forever!!} I spent most of today, just getting caught up on laundry, and picking up and putting away "stuff" that is all over our house. I've come to the conclusion that we have wayyyyyy too much stuff!! Mom often uses the word SIMPLIFY....that's exactly what I need to start doing.....SIMPLIFY things! We got Logan's our computer back from the repair shop. It is LIKE NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy to have my own computer again. {we've been using Nathan's Netbook, and well, you know about sharing a computer with a teen-they really don't like to share!!!} I'm happy!!! :O) {don't notice all the cords, I'm still trying to make those look a little neater}
THURSDAY - beautiful day, high 70's. Cleaning our den. Logan called and said it was 28 degrees and snowing in Albany, NY. OMG!! Snow in October?? Gonna be a long, cold winter! I went to a Signature Homestyles party.... see post here . More Halloween parties at school, elementary this time, so I skipped going to watch.
FRIDAY- well the beautiful fall weather left us today, temps in the 50's!! Much to my dismay, Peter turned on the heat! It's October for heaven's sake....just go put a sweater on...LOL I would rather layer on the clothes than turn the heat on.
Well, you guessed it......I did MORE fall cleaning today!!! I worked all day in our den...I rearranged the furniture and it looks so much better. The sofa in this room will be the one going into my our new room as soon as we pick one out to replace it. Peter and I are going away for a few nights next week, so we'll get a chance to do some shopping. Other than a new sofa, I would like to find a pretty lamp to replace the once bright gold, now painted black, very dated lamp that I've now drawn attention to in the picture below!! LOL Peter and I skipped the PTA Halloween party tonight, but Mom said it was a big turn-out and lots of fun.
SATURDAY - A very rainy, windy, chilly morning! Nathan woke up starving, so I fixed him some pancakes and a strawberry smoothie. YUMMY!!!
yes....they are Mickey Mouse pancakes:O)
I put a chicken in the oven, and other than doing a few loads of laundry, I think this is gonna be a lazy day here at our house!! Tomorrow: church, football- although the Bears have a bye week :O( and some computer time....maybe even a nap!! Life is Good!!!

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Heidi said...

Susan~ I was going to reply to your comment on my blog via e-mail, but I didn't see your e-mail address anywhere. Anyway, I was actually surprised that I liked the movie! I don't know what possessed me to decide to watch them, but I'm glad I started. Jack Sparrow is actually quite funny. I'll let you know when we watch the 2nd one.

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